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GF = Gluten Free


NZD$ 7.50
roti bread w/ house-made peanut sauce 
Veg Spring Rolls (3 pcs)
NZD$ 6.00
grated vegetables, glass noodles, sweet chilli sauce
Prawn Spring Rolls (3 pcs)
NZD$ 6.00
seasoned prawns, sweet chilli sauce

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Curry Puffs (3 pcs)
NZD$ 7.00
mashed potato, onions, curry powder, sweet chilli sauce


Fried Rice
NZD$ 17.90
fried rice, choice of meat, peas, onions, carrots, lemon wedge
Chicken Satay Sauce
NZD$ 17.90
chicken, assorted vegetables, house-made peanut sauce & jasmine rice
Chicken Cashew Nuts
NZD$ 17.90
chicken, assorted vegetables, roasted cashew nuts & jasmine rice
Chilli Chicken
NZD$ 17.90
chicken, crosscut beans, carrots, creamy chilli sauce & jasmine rice | add…
Black Pepper Beef
NZD$ 17.90
tender beef, assorted vegetables, black pepper sauce & jasmine rice
Basil Chicken
NZD$ 17.90
minced chicken, crosscut beans, carrots, basil, bamboo & jasmine rice | add…
Tom Yum Soup
NZD$ 17.90
spicy & sour soup, choice of meat, fresh herbs, mushrooms & jasmine…
Red Curry
NZD$ 17.90
choice of meat, assorted vegetables, bamboo & jasmine rice
Green Curry
NZD$ 17.90
choice of meat, assorted vegetables, bamboo & jasmine rice


Pad Thai
NZD$ 17.90
rice noodles, choice of meat, beansprouts, garlic chives, eggs, tamarind sauce, chopped…


Wonton Soup with Prawns
NZD$ 17.90
prawn & chicken wontons, prawns, bok choy & beansprouts, herb & bone…


Classic Coke - 330ml
NZD$ 4.50
Coke No Sugar - 330ml
NZD$ 4.50
Sprite - 330ml
NZD$ 4.50
Fanta - 330ml
NZD$ 4.50
Pump Water - 750ml
NZD$ 4.50


Roasted Cashews
NZD$ 4.00
Fried Egg
NZD$ 3.00
Jasmine Rice
NZD$ 4.00

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